1. Burn

From the recordings In Through The Dark and IN THROUGH THE DARK


Pick me up alright
On your way back down
Heard you met another man
On the other side of town

How could I have known
Just where you would’ve gone
Now I’m here all alone
But I still feel you in my bones

Look up jack what’s in your hat
Roll the years like tears to the floor
Never minded you gettin’ paid
It was who you’re workin’ for
Cinderella in her heels
Don’t wait to take your turn
Wake up baby in your sleep
Come in and
Come and watch me burn
Come and watch me burn

Somewhere, someone
Must’ve sucked you dry
Stuck a needle through the thread
And weaved apple in your eye

Guessing that’s the end
Burn my credit in the street
Of this hole in the wall town
Where they make you beg til’ you bleed